Water is life.

Take life to the next level!

Introducing HydroGize™ - an easy-to-use hydrogen-generating device that enriches water with hydrogen.


Hydration is a cornerstone of any healthy diet, and it’s critical to healthy bones, teeth, and organs. Optimise your daily eight glasses with HydroGize™, our hydrogen water bottle. Since HydroGize utilises an electrolysis method, it ensures optimum hydrogenation output in every bottle.

Hydrogen water is a popular beverage in Japan, where it is used to support proper hydration and access all the benefits that come from drinking water. HydroGize was created to offer a mobile solution to accompany active and on-the-go lifestyles. With a completely portable system, thanks to its USB charger, HydroGize is a perfect combination of design and functionality.
Plug the bottle into a power source using the USB connector to fully charge the battery.
Add drinking water to the bottle.
Set the hydrogen generator to the desired timer setting. Do not shake while the generator runs. Instead, let it sit during hydrogen generation.
After the cycle has finished, wait 10 minutes.
When using Plus oils with HydroGize, be sure to thoroughly clean the device immediately following use to properly maintain the unit. Please note that adding Plus oils may decrease hydrogen production. For ease of maintenance, move oil-enriched hydrogen water to a separate container if not consumed immediately.
Upgrade your hydration! Take hydrogen-rich water everywhere with this 355ml hydrogen-generating water bottle
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